About Us

go green – go led – light years ahead……..


canstockphoto20682509-450x300In collaboration between lighting experts and project managers Elite LED Solutions provide a smart solution to deliver an Eco friendly, power saving and energy efficient carbon footprint.

With over 25 years of lighting and electrical experience we at Elite LED Solutions have seen the transition from the incandescent light bulb to the compacfluorescent lamps (CFL) and now with LED technology we have evolved in to cleanest and most eco-friendly way of illumination with amazing benefits. Our entire team from designing, installation to supply takes immense pride in delivery of complete led conversion projects to suite for client’s needs. Making headway on supplying bespoke solar led street light and infrared heating panels to achieve maximum energy efficiency for our clients.


On a Journey with us to a more greener world, brighter world, Eco world and beyond!