Solar Panel Street Lighting

solar street lightElite LED Solutions are a leading supplier of solar-powered LED lighting products that have been designed and developed to meet the requirements for government, industrial, commercial and residential applications. Our Green Friendly solar lighting range has revolutionised the industry by offering innovative and sustainable designs perfect for all types of installations. The lights are extremely reliable and have been installed into hundreds of projects over solar-lightsmany years.

Energy Efficient, cost effective, reliable street lights – available from 100w/135w/165w and 200w. They come with 5years warranty.  Car park projects to street light projects, pathways, alley way for schools and colleges, pathways. LED Street light heads are available with daylight sensors, PIR sensors.

Low maintenance cost.

LED Floodlights

led floodlightLong life, eco-friendly, energy efficient and extremely bright lumens output makes any outdoor area secure. Sports grounds, large gardens to arenas to house hold small gardens. While bring down the running cost it provide security and safe lighting to open spaces. An LED floodlight will last up to 50,000 hours which is a huge improvement on the traditional halogen light.

Durable IP65 rated aluminium weatherproof housing to withstand all kinds of outdoor environments and conditions



led panelsMost popular product on our entire  LED Range is 600 x 600 LED Panels. The best retrofit product replacing recessed fluorescents grid fitting. Available in common sizes of 600 x600, 1200 x 600, 1200x300. Again main aim for Elite LED Solutions is to provide our customers with Low watts power consumption and providing high lumens with 5 years warranty backed products.

The most important for us is to to guide our customer with correct colour rendering for their individual needs. That is Warm white, cool white to daylight.

We are installed large amounts of panels in Retails outlets, offices, call centres, schools and colleges.

Halfling the energy consumption, instantly brightens the place stimulating customers for retail outlet, students in classrooms and working staff in offices.

Infrared Heating Panels

infrared panelsElite LED Solutions has now entered into NEW Infrared Heating Panels  complete solution is the most efficient and cost effective heating technology available in the market.

The technology for infrared heating was developed in space engineering where it is still being used. Infrared heating works like the sun: the sun’s long waves do not heat the air but heat solids which store the warmth and then radiate it back into the air. This is noticeable when you step out of the shade into direct sunlight where it immediately feels much warmer even though the air temperature is the same. Using this principle it is possible to create an agreeable room environment very effectively – and much more cost-efficiently and pleasantly than with conventional convection radiators.

A spectrum of colours, designs and bespoke images provides the flexibility to design a solution standard infrared panelstailored to the requirements and interior design of the property giving energy consumption and financial energy bill savings of between 30%-70%.

A brief overview of the advantages of modern infrared heating systems

  • They save more energy than conventional convection radiators
  • They produce a living environment which is particularly good for your health
  • Despite using electricity, they generate far fewer CO2 emissions than other heating systems and make the best possible use of renewable energy sources.
  • In terms of supply, installation and maintenance, they are much cheaper than other heating systems.

Display Lighting Features

Within our product range and our lighting designs for our lighting projects we have range of LED Down lighter, recessed cob Lights, Angles spots, Led track Lighting Recessed square and round led panels, LED Stripe light in colour changing or single colours complete with suitable drivers and controllers.

Again to the need of the project we provide and install smart design lighting which is cost effective and energy efficient and long life.

ceiling light2 ceiling light3 ceiling light4 cob dowmlight