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5 Important Factors for a Retail Design Agency | H Squared Ltd

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As a retail design agency with over 10 years of experience in planning, designing and implementing retail design projects, we have recognised some important factors which help make up a successful campaign or project. Each client and project is different and often requires us to take a fresh approach to obtain the best results as an award winning retail design agency. However, some simple considerations can usually be relied on:



The relationships we build are fundamental to our business. As an award winning retail design agency, we pride ourselves on always being completely open and honest with our clients and maintain regular, direct communication. We’re all human and when working on a live project issues will always crop up but from project to project, if communication is solid and we act with honesty and integrity, then it will lead to a strong business relationship and a healthy future.



When designing a concept or artwork for a retail design project we must always produce work which is to the brief and on brand. As a creative led agency, we strive to push ourselves for the benefit of our client and seek out new products, features and clever attributes  to accomplish this. Each design we produce is bespoke as no two briefs are ever the same – the work we produce is bespoke by nature. Ultimately we endeavour to continuously better our designs at every opportunity.



Inevitably, every client project we work on is limited by budget. However, we approach this as a challenge, rather than a problem and work with clients to achieve the best results with the budget available. We have worked with a variety of budgets and always provide a range of options to the client outlining “good, better and best” choice solutions. The key element is to be open, honest and realistic with clients and ensure they receive all the information possible so they can make well informed decisions.



Our production team are charged with delivering the final product which is what we are ultimately judged upon. Therefore, we ensure all clients receive a premium service and inconsistencies from one job to another are minimised. Reliability is vital and we consistently produce work to the highest standard – even if at a low cost, we want to use as good materials as possible with premium finishes. We not only produce creative design concepts but deliver this dream in reality through our experienced production team.



As a retail design agency, we find our clients are oftenworking towards an event or product launch. Therefore, timeline is a massive factor in what we do. When we give a delivery date we stick to it at all costs. This mentality is present at every stage, throughout design as well as production, as all elements have an eventual impact on the project timeline. We work closely with clients to ensure we have all the correct information and liaise with them throughout the process so they know we’re on track for each deadline.

There’s never a “winning formula” and we will always encounter issues beyond our control. Nevertheless, through careful planning and by utilising our experience, we are ready to tackle whatever challenge presents itself. The promises we make are very important to us and strive to be renowned as the retail design agency that always provide creative ideas delivered on budget and on time.

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