5 Steps to Successful Creative Retail Design in your Window Displays

creative retail design

As a creative retail design agency, we know all about successful window displays. They can be a powerful tool for drawing passers-by in and attracting them to your store. The most effective shop window displays stand out against the others on the high street and look visually appealing and inviting to the customer. The key is to make sure that it’s your shop window that’s the winner of them all! Read on as we share our top tips for creative retail design in window displays.

Keep it Changing

Changing your window displays frequently keeps things fresh and exciting for your customers and showcases the range of merchandise you sell to passers-by. Rather than just changing the display with each turn of the season, aim to have at least 6 different window displays throughout the year. Take advantage of important calendar dates and consider how you can turn them into eye-catching window displays. Everything from Mothers Day to Halloween can make a great theme for a shop window, and even back to school can be exciting with a little creative retail design! That being said, not every display needs to be seasonal. The less predictable window displays are, the more engaged your customers will be.

Big, Bold and Brash

Creative retail design means making a statement that will set your window display apart from all the others on the high street. Original ideas and bold statements will make your store stand out, and tackling current, controversial issues through your retail design will prove your store can be relied upon to be up to date, ahead of the game and involved in important issues. Recently, American Apparel filled their shop windows with mannequin, showing pubic hair through the underwear being modelled. The aim here was to fight the media-created stereotypes of what girls should look like and to celebrate natural beauty. If your brand has a statement to make, what better way to be heard than to showcase it to the thousands of people who pass by your store?!

Reflect your Brand in your Exterior

Before a potential customer even notices your window display, the first thing they will see is your store front. A poorly kept shop will drive customers away before you’ve even had the chance to win them over with your merchandise and displays. Ensure all paintwork looks immaculate and your signage is present and intact. People want to know what a store is called before they walk into it. Also, it is important to reinforce your brand with your store exterior. Make sure that the outside of the shop reflects both the interior and the overall feel of your brand.

Use the Right Merch

The merchandise you choose to display is just as important as the display itself. Although your merchandise may not change from season to season, it is important to make sure you do not simply re-create an old display. Instead, find new and interesting ways to showcase your products. Different people will find different displays appealing and the more people you can reel in, the larger your customer base will be. Also, a window display does not have to only hold one type of product. By incorporating merchandise from several sections or departments of your store, you can show potential customers what you have to offer in a limited space. This is particularly useful for large department stores that have a wide range of products on sale.

Use the Correct Lighting

Lighting can make or break a window display. How well lit your merchandise is acts as an important factor in whether it will attract a customer’s attention or not. Not all displays need the same type of lighting. Spotlights can be used to focus attention on featured products, or alternatively, a softer glow can be a really effective way to tie the window display in with the retail design of the rest of the store. Creative retail design is all about making the most of your space and resources. Instead of using standard shop lighting for every display, experiment with different light sources such as lamps and floor lights to create unique effects that will really make your store stand out.

H Squared are an award winning creative retail design agency with a passion for window displays. We can help transform your store into a high street shopper’s magnet, increasing the size of your customer base and helping to secure those all-important sales. Take a look at our extensive portfolio and get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you.

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