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interactive touch screen displays

H Squared recently teamed up with AEG to create interactive touch screen displays to educate customers on the induction cooking process. Induction cooking is the process of using induction heating to increase the temperature of cooking appliances. This is a modern alternative to the electrical coils and gas flames that were traditionally used to heat hobs. As this technology is not necessarily common knowledge amongst AEG’s customer base, it was important to create an exciting and engaging display to educate people about the products.

Mission Statement

The mission statement for this project was simple – to create an inspirational induction cooker zone. It needed to make the shopping experience easier for the customer, increasing conversion and all-round satisfaction. As choosing the right product is one of the most important factors of shopping, we also needed to make sure the display acted as an education tool so that customers would be able to find out all the information they require about the products on sale. By incorporating interactive touch screen displays, customers would be able to find out exactly what they need to know with minimal reliance on staff for product education.

Overall, the purpose of this project was to create an exciting display that would contribute to the brand being able to deliver best in class service and increase retail product turnover for induction cookers.

Initial Design Concepts

Before any decisions were made regarding the finalised unit, H Squared presented AEG with various initial design concepts. This was to ensure that we had a good understanding of what the client wanted and to share ideas for the final product. Each design featured an interactive touch screen display, a feature both the H Squared team and AEG felt was important for the functionality of the display.

AEG Hobs Case Study


Content Design Creation

Interactive touch screen displays make it possible to share a large amount of information with the customer in a very small space. We designed the content from the initial touch architecture stage right through to the styling and authoring, making sure everything fit together seamlessly and effectively.

One of the features we added to the interactive touch screen display was a ‘try our favourite recipes’ section. This was to provide customers with information on what they could do with the product after they had purchased it, persuading them that an induction hob cooker would be something of great benefit to them. Also, including content like this that appeals to the customer’s interests improves the shopping experience by making it exciting and engaging, which helps to secure sales and develops brand loyalty with the customer.

interactive touch screen displays

The Finalised Unit

After the design stages were complete, the final unit was moved into full production and rolled out across stores in the UK and Ireland. The display houses a 22” touch-screen with bespoke content produced in-house by the H Squared team. The screen was fixed to the top of the cookers at optimum viewing level for the customer. In some stores, a temporary non-screen version was fitted, with the surrounding literature educating customers on the product instead.

AEG Case Study



AEG Hobs Case Study


The Fantastic Results

The entire project was a huge success and since the collaboration with H Squared, AEG’s sales have increased by a massive 500% for induction hobs, suggesting that customer satisfaction has also increased. The display made it much easier for customers to shop, providing them with all the information they need to decide which product was right for them and reduced the reliance on staff for this type of information. Overall, it helped AEG provide a top class service for their customers and added a bit of much needed ‘wow’ factor to the environment.

AEG Hobs Case Study

H Squared are an award-winning creative retail design agency with a passion for interactive touch screen technology. Take a look at our portfolio and get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you create an engaging shopping environment for your brand.

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