Why Interactive Displays Will Give Your Business a Competitive Edge

interactive displays

The world we live in is becoming increasingly dependent on technology and it is vitally important that the retail industry keeps up to day with the latest developments. The more technology develops, the more tech-savvy people are becoming and this means customers have certain expectations of retail stores. Interactive displays bring technology to the retail world, providing customers with the efficient and engaging shopping experience they expect.

Online shopping has become a huge threat to the high street in recent years, with many people opting to purchase their goods via a store’s website to save time and avoid bustling city centres. High street stores need to find a way to make the physical shopping experience worthwhile to the customer, and many opt to install interactive displays and interactive touch screen displays to engage and excite visitors to the store. Not only do retailers have to contend with online shopping, but other stores on the high street prove to be stiff competition too. This means in order to be successful, stores need to be the most appealing to customers in whichever area of retail they are in. With interactive displays, retailers have the power to stand out against the crowd and attract the most prospective customers.

H Squared is a creative retail design agency with extensive experience in interactive displays. Read on as we discuss how interactive displays can benefit you and your store.

They Engage with Prospective Customers Effectively

Although it is easy to associate the term ‘interactive displays’ with hands-on, interior displays, they can be used to attract prospective customers from the outside too. By incorporating interactive displays into your shop windows, you can attract the attention of passers-by and encourage them to enter your store.

Dutch multimedia agency NuFormer used 3D video mapping in shop windows to create a truly personalised experience for unsuspecting passers-by. Members of the public were projected onto a screen in store windows as they passed by, surrounded by special digital effects such as flames. This attracted their attention for a longer period of time as they engaged with the display. By creating a personal connection with your prospective customers, you can keep them engaged for longer and entice them into your retail store.

Transform the Way People Learn Information About Your Products

Interactive displays make it possible to transform simple wall displays into exciting and interactive information hubs. In such a fast-paced world, customers do not have the time to stand and read large chunks of text about your products and so the chance to persuade them to invest in your product is lost. However, with interactive displays you can educate your customers in a completely new way. Not only do these displays have the capacity for touch screen technology and product videos, but can also help to increase the range of products on offer in the store. Adidas designed an interactive wall display with iQ by Intel that allowed them to showcase 8,000 shoes in one store. With the power of technology, retailers are no longer limited with regards to in-store product ranges and can ensure customers find exactly what they are looking for. This puts the power in the customer’s hand, reassuring them that they have just as much control on the high street as they do with online shopping.

They Demand Attention

With the vast range of experiences shopping can now bring, for some it has become a form of entertainment. Interactive displays enhance the entertaining aspects of shopping by providing the customer with something new to engage with that cannot be found in every store. The best part is this interactivity does not need to be limited to the four walls of the store. Coca-Cola recently used an interactive display to connect two conflicting countries. The ‘Small World Machines’ project connected customers in India and Pakistan with a live video display in each country, linking them together. The customers in each country were totally engaged in the display and took part in everything from dance competitions to simply making new international friends.

They Are Versatile

Interactive displays are some of the most versatile displays in retail. They are not limited to a simple display stand and can include physical, tangible features to engage prospective customers. Lacoste created an interactive window display at their New York store, fitting the tennis court themed display with 50 tennis balls and a motion sensor camera. This display detected the motions of people passing by, creating waves of tennis balls to match the human motions. This goes to show that interactive displays can bring life to anything and anywhere, with no limit to the creativity behind them!

Incorporating interactive displays into your retail design not only gives your store and exciting overall look but provides plenty of opportunities to engage your customers too. With technology developing so rapidly, we are sure this is just the start of many more exciting interactive displays to come and are looking forward to seeing what is next for retail. Get in touch with us today and let us help you connect with your customers through the power of interactive displays.

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