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Sony PlayStation for HMV | Digital Bays

HMV PS - Banner

H Squared recently teamed up with Sony PlayStation to take on an exciting digital retail  project. We needed to create an effective way of displaying the digital PlayStation products in the form of small cards (ESD Cards) that are available to buy in store. Before the re-design, the cards were simply displayed on hanging hooks with no additional information to educate the customer on the merchandise. This meant the customers had no idea about the products they were purchasing! We took on the challenge to create an inspiring and informative digital retail installation display to ensure the customer would be able to find the right product for them and boost sales.

HMV PS - main image 4

The range of Wall Bay products included the “High Level”  Wall Bay (pictured here)….that takes over a complete bay in HMV and showcases the ESD  product to customers with style and impact. The cards are now split into categories with “hero” zones for the more prestigious gaming titles.

HMV PS - main image 3

We also created a smaller “Low Level” Wall Bay (pictured below) that fits into the mid-aisle units in store as well as a Till Queue unit to capture impulse purchases. This smaller unit carried just 16 facings and was fitted facing into the main till/pay point area to appeal to queuing customers.

HMV PS - main image 2

For this project, once we had an understanding of what was required we initially provided sketch work and 3D concepts to the client. An appropriate design  direction was then taken and we were soon able to develop and refine the concept and move this on  to create a prototype. This was approved with some minor tweaks which we incorporated into the finalised roll-out of production units that we delivered into all 130 HMV stores throughout the UK.

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