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Interactive touch screen displays are in-store screens which can be controlled by customers making a series of touch gestures. In retail, interactive touch screen technology is a hugely flexible tool. From advertising current promotions and offers to displaying an entire catalogue of products, the customer can be connected to a huge database of information that previously, shoppers could only find through in-depth research. Expert product information and how-to videos are now accessible directly from the shop floor meaning customers are more educated about products and brands before they make a purchase. The possibilities really are endless.

The future of retail design is all about improving customer experience and by installing interactive touch screen monitors into your retail store the customer can better engage with products and services. With the help of interactive touch screen technology, retailers can now share more information than ever before with customers. Entire catalogues of products can be shared on one screen as well as installing pre-order and pay now options so the customer can be in control of their purchases. Our creative team understand the importance of flexibility and versatility in retail design and ensure our interactive touch screen technology is not just limited to direct sales techniques.

With this in mind, our work has included competitions, information about store events and products as well as discount codes and promotions being shared with customers. There is no limit to the content retailers can produce with this technology. Outside of store content, interactive touch screen technology can also be used for staff training purposes. With remote media content management making it possible to sync information with every store, head offices can ensure all their staff across the world are kept up to date with the latest company news and receive the same training. Likewise, CEO’s have the ability to communicate with all of their employees at once. Technology like this has the power to bring retail stores located at opposite sides of the world together.

As a retail design company, we are dedicated to making sure the technology we provide is right for you. Our team of creative professionals are committed to ensuring the interactive touch screen displays work with the design concept of your store. We understand the importance of eye-catching displays to attract potential customers’ attention and are dedicated to making sure our technology really looks the part and contributes to the appealing and exciting design of your displays.

We understand that technology is constantly growing and endeavour to provide the most up-to-date services to keep your business a cut above the rest. Our award winning interactive touch screen displays have the power to showcase your products in a dynamic and engaging way that really connects with the customer. For example, we are the first retail design agency in the UK to bring gesture control to retail, the next level of sophistication in on-screen technology. Instead of touching the screen, the user makes a series of hand gestures in front of a monitor to change the display. This too can be used to display catalogues and promotions in store.


Here are some examples of interactive touch screen projects we’ve previously completed for our clients:

No matter what retail sector you’re in, we can provide the touch screen technology you need to connect with your. Get in touch with us today and find out how we can help you – our creative team are waiting to hear your requirements!

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