Phones4u Case Study

Background History

At H Squared Ltd, we are currently in our fourth year of working with Phones4u. Having designed a new store format in 2009, trial store concepts were tested, and then rolled out across the entire Phones4u estate which commenced in 2009.

In 2011, a partnership deal between Phones4u and DSGi lead to Phones4u shop in shop systems being installed into Curry’s stores. Both the refresh of the Phones4u retail estate, and the shop in shop system in DSGi, are still in progress today in 2013.

The programme is ongoing and another approx 100+ store fits have been planned in 2013 to add to the 550 retail stores H Squared have designed, manufactured and installed, as well as the existing 120 Curry’s stores. The Phones4u new store format, was designed, prototyped, trialled, rolled out, manufactured and installed by H Squared Ltd.

Following the roll out, the store fixtures are maintained by H Squared Ltd, our systems allow for direct reporting of any issues within the retail environment so our CARE team can send our replacement parts and fitting specialists to ensure compliance in all stores, at all times.

We have won several POPAI awards in the Telecoms category for our work with Phones 4u in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Retail Exteriors

The customer journey starts from outside your store. We need to engage and excite them even at this early stage.

Don’t bombard with cluttered and ill thought out windows.

From printed POS and large format images through to remote media digital screens, we can offer solutions for your windows. The use of themed props, mannequins or display units can prove to be an instant eye catching success which will literally stop shoppers in their track and force them to look at YOUR store front.

The journey can begin here. H Squared have won a POPAI SILVER Award for our Global Window theme for Top Shop in 2011

In Store Displays

Once instore we have designed , manufactured and installed a range of display bays in store.

Some are mass display areas where the product density is high, but allows a good choice for the shoppers. We create other HERO bays where a smaller product range of LIVE products with large format impact graphics can be used which allows the mobile brands to have a real presence in store.

The final upgrade option we have created is to add screen media to allow remote updates via our retail signage server system, so content messages and prices can be updated on a regular basis at very little cost or time from store staff.

Product Security

Getting LIVE products on display in store in this new age of SHOWROOMING is vital. If customers are not able to very quickly touch and feel the latest products they soon move on in store.

However, issues of theft remain high in the UK market.

We have developed a robust fixing system with Phones4u which ensures that the LIVE high value products stay exactly where they need to be to keep the sales flowing into the till.

They may look quite simple, but the clever stuff is all hidden and it is enough to ensure the theft issue is kept to a minimum  in store.

Display Tiles

The injection moulded display tile system we designed and implemented for Phones4u took our design and development team ,working closely in conjunction with our clients , over 12 months to create. Once finalised we have produced over 100,000 units and these were distributed over a 2 day period to 600 retail stores.

Winning a POPAI Award in 2012 for Telecoms the displays have proven to be a flexible yet resilient display for products in store

Interactive Media Hero Display

Winning a POPAI Award in 2011 our interactive media hero display proudly sits at the front of the top 150 stores in the UK.

The 32″ screen can be rotated by staff from portrait to landscape position, and it is a full interactive touch screen, with content created in house by our studio. The content can be changed remotely using our signage server system which currently controls over 1500 screens in Phones4u. The 3 LIVE products on displays are using our bespoke security claw system. And when you pick one up the content on screen changes to display information about that product.

2 small hidden cameras are also included in the unit, which allows customers to take photos of themselves and upload them to Facebook or Twitter making this unit a fully interactive and omni channel linking media hub.

The display is changed on a regularly basis to display the latest products and hero the new innovations in mobile products

Phones4u Samsung Galaxy Launch Bay

The Mobile telecoms industry moves at a tremendous pace, with new product launches happening on an almost weekly basis from handset manufacturers. Phones4U have won Mobile Retailer of the year in 2012 and 2013 due to their in store retail offering, as well as the speed of service and response.For the launch of the acclaimed Samsung Galaxy S3 in 2012, we worked in conjunction with Phones4u and Samsung to launch the phone in store. We had 42 days to launch the product in over 600 Phones4u stores. From initial briefing on day 1 , through to signed off design by day 3, to prototype being approved on day 7, to manufacture to day 30 and then a 12 day installation programme

Its a numbers game, 42 days, 600 stores, 1000’s of man hours and 1 new product launch…. Speed, creativity, dedication and attention to detail lead to a very successful launch for the Samsung Galaxy S3 in June 2012. Each had a large premium Samsung screen on it, with our remote media system, as well as LED illumination and hidden message illuminated signage which was activated by motion when shoppers went near to it. This bay has been entered into the 2013 POPAI Awards

Design to reality

Once the conceptual vision is agreed we move onto rapid prototyping. We understand the need for speed at this time so the idea can be seen in reality. A rapid prototype often only takes our expert team 5-10 days to deliver. We use the latest technology’s and have adopted 3D print for complex components which can be taken straight from the 3D models we have already designed

After the prototype has been signed off, we use our manufacture teams around the UK and Europe to deliver the finished products. The HIGHEST quality control is placed on all elements, from simple items through to the complex integrated touch screen systems, nothing slips past our QC team here

At this stage we work closely with clients on the best practise for implementation into retail environments. This can range from global distribution through to our own installation teams around the globe to deliver and install your retail fixtures into store. Our aim is to ensure 100% implementation of elements, we all know POS in the stock room isn’t helping anybody’s sales

Delivering the dream

Our innovative ideas, well thought through plans & carefully worked out drawings are simply brought to life by our dedicated teams of project managers, prototypers and skilled craftsmen, who are ready to work in a variety of materials to produce stunning retail fixtures and point of sale…the next key element in the process is the logistics management to ensure the dream is delivered and correctly installed on site

Our logistics and installation teams work 24/7 to ensure the project gets done on time and to the highest standards. We use PDA’s for our teams on site, which gives us LIVE data and photos of the work we are delivering for you, which means YOU can log on to our intranet reporting systems and view photos as soon as the work is complete, giving you piece of mind at all times.

Our aim is to take away all the hassle and worry from you, and simple always do exactly what we are going to do

Award Winning Work

Our work since 2009 for Phones4u has lead to 5 POPAI Awards in Telecoms for the team here at H Squared. From Security, concept design and interactive displays such as the Demo Hub shown in this video, the team have created award winning solutions for Phones4u ongoing REFRESH programme

In Simple numbers, since we started in October 2009, and still to this day are offering the best service, we have implemented over 550 existing Phones 4u Stores undergone the refresh look and feel. In addition 150 NEW Stores opened in the same period on the UK High street – not bad when the economy is hitting most retailers hard at the moment.

Its been such a success that Phones4u have expanded into DSGi stores around the UK. And now there are over 75 DSGi Shop in Shop stores opened to date with many more planned to be  2013

POPAI Industry Awards won in 3 years in Telecoms   2010, 2011 and 2012

In the same period Phones4u have Won MOBILE Retailer of the year in 2012 and in an unprecedented manor have won it for a second successive year in 2013 !

Its award winning work all the way in our partnership between H Squared and Phones4u

Popai Awards