Retail Media Content

Retail Media Content

H Squared have been designing retail media content since 2002

We understand that the retail environment is a unique area to communicate with shoppers. Unlike media content found at a cinema, online or at home digital, we understand customers shopping habits and modes, so we can tailor digital retail content to deliver a call to action and help guide a shopper to interact with your brand or retail space

The design team here have worked on the following types of Digital Content for Retail from interactive touch screens through to mobile apps for delivering content via QR codes direct to a shopper while in store.

Please take a look at some of our portfolio video below


Phones4U Phones



B&Q Byron Door Bells


JML Interactive Menu

ASDA Cocktails Attractor

ASDA Cocktails Menu

ASDA Cocktails Product

ASDA Hair Attractor

ASDA Hair Menu

ASDA Hair Products

TESCO White Goods Attractor

TESCO White Goods Menu

TESCO White Goods Product