Retail Digital Media

H Squared have been designing and integrating technology into our retail fixtures since our inception in 2002. We have a rich heritage of understanding why technology can be effective in retail, and how you need to use it to deliver complex brand or product messages in a simple way in a store environment.

Stand alone screens in store, from 7″ up to 100″ can add impact and deliver a clear message in retail. We recommend smaller screens can be used next to products to assist with helping to sell extra key points about the product. Larger screens can be used as category sign posts or to help with atmosphere and navigation around a store. With large screens and projections creating a real buzz in store and creating a vibrant retail lifestyle.

Currently we are controlling over 1500 Screens in the UK via our remote media signage server

We can deliver content through our bespoke JUMP media signage player. These can play all media formats, including video and audio. These can be supplied as stand alone media units, or we can connect them to our remote media signage server. Once they are connected online we can deliver content to them and upload it at any time of day, so the content can be fluid and can be updated as often as you like. We have created something so simple, we actually think YOU could control it, so we offer training to your staff in Head Office to allow them to learn how to upload and then distribute content so YOU can control your own retail media in YOUR stores…. it makes sense right !?

Gesture Control Phones4u

Window Screen Media Nokia N8

Interactive Touch Screen TESCO

Reactive Retail Media Samsung

Reactive Retail Media Go Mobile

Remote Media Screens B&Q

Interactive Touch Screen PS2

Interactive Touch Screen JML

Interactive Touch Screen ASDA

All screens can be adapted to be interactive. Allow your customers to get involved with your brand in store… allow them to start a journey of self discovery which will lead to them being engaged and wanting to find out more, and in the end , wanting to buy YOUR products. We offer touch screens systems where shoppers can navigate around a screen, but also we offer a number of other Interactive elements to bring your products to life in store at different levels of investment. We understand shoppers, and how they work so we can discuss the best interactive method to work for you today.

We can offer the following interactive options to all screens …

  • Touch Screen
  • Motion Activated
  • Gesture Controlled
  • Push Button Activated
  • Reactive

A small example of the brands and retailers we have worked with over the years delivering retail media in store can be seen below…