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The Future of Retail

Future of retail is here

A Vision of Retail

The world of retail has changed dramatically over the past 2 years; you probably don’t even know what’s going on! Don’t worry you’re not the only the retailer or brand scratching their heads at the moment, so let us help guide you into the new world.

For 1000 years and more we have had The Market, a place where you could shop and meet traders who sold what they made or grew. About 150 years or so ago, The Market upgraded and went into what we knew as the High Street, where retail started to offer more products and service to the customer.

Just 20-30 years ago we evolved out of town retail parks and shopping malls, which even today are still being unveiled. 10 years ago E commerce was just trying to establish itself

So you’ve probably just about got all that so far….

In the past 12months the mass population Got Smart, Got Connected… using your phone and a tablet to live your life has become normal to people. Checking what your friends are doing on Facebook while waiting for the tube, tweeting about a dress to your friends while your deciding whether to buy it or not is now the normal for people, price checking , stock reviewing and browsing… all in your fingertips.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while at home, work or play… the world of retail just exploded and it’s amazing how many of you haven’t spotted it ! Retailers and brands need to catch up with how their customers have grown up and evolved in the past few months and those that grasp the situation quickly will do well. Those that don’t will get left behind by the crowd.

The Future of Retail is Showrooming

That’s the newsflash for those of you who have blinked and missed it. Call us and we will tell you more about how YOU can join the Omni Channel revolution today and make more from your stores and brand….

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