Sony PlayStation Case Study

Digital retail installations are becoming a necessity in stores across the UK. With customers being constantly interactive with everything digital, it’s time for retailers to incorporate it into their stores as much as possible, ensuring that they are offering their customers engaging and exciting content. What’s more, it gives a competitive edge to other retailers and makes your store the place to go for a truly unique shopping experience.

Tech kings at Sony PlayStation approached the H Squared team for our input on how they can utilise digital retail installations within their product displays and ranges in stores across the UK. We planned, designed, built, produced and rolled out digital product wall bay’s across the UK and Pan-European sites.

The Product

Sony’s clever digital products that are across UK and European stores offer the ability for consumers to select a card with their desired game/product code on it, which they would then take to the till, pay, and be able to go home and instantly download their game onto their PlayStation console.

However, the display of these digital products were not explaining or showcasing what the products were, what they offered and how a buyer should interact with them. This is where we stepped in to assist Sony PlayStation in finding a great way to present their products to the public, the result was digital retail installations.

The Process

We decided that the best way to approach this project was to make the cards (and the products on the card) easier to understand and navigate around. We achieved this by splitting the cards into relevant groups and devising new categories for them, using simple group names and a short explanation to make it obvious what the product was on a particular card.

The most important part of a display is to be eye-catching and informational at the same time – especially with displaying products that are unusual or techy. We produced a display system that was easily integratable into store’s slat-wall or pegboard fixtures, ensuring it was easy to roll out. We then design and used vibrant plastic formings to make the display a real ‘wow’ factor in-store. To reflect the tech side of the digital product, we equipped the digital retail installations with interchangeable graphics, meaning it was eye catching as we as easy to manage when updating information.

The Result

Once we’d carried out our prototype and trail stages, the retail digital installations were rolled out to over 1800 stores across UK and Europe. From our client it was reported that consumer awareness has increased about the product, as well as it looking great. What’s even better is that the entire digital product range has lifted sales by over 350%!

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