AEG Hobs Case Study

Background History

Interactive touch screen displays are something we are passionate about and we love helping our clients incorporate it into their retail design. H Squared teamed up with AEG to create a display to educated customers on the induction cooking process. AEG are dedicated to providing a best in class service, a trait we not only admire greatly but also strive for ourselves. With this in mind, the two teams were able to work together to design and create and exciting and engaging display to educate the customer on the products available and boost sales.

We aimed to create a display that would add some wow factor to the area and make it possible for customers to find out everything they need to know about a product, ensuring they purchase the right one and are able to make these decisions without the assistance of staff. Overall, the main aim was to create interactive touch screen displays that would improve the area and increase retail product turnover.

The Design Stages

Before any decisions were made about the finalised unit, H Squared presented AEG with initial concept designs. At this stage we were able to share our specialist knowledge, suggesting ways to make the display engaging and user-friendly. In return, AEG taught us more about the brand and how the wanted to represent themselves to customers. We believe that working closely with our clients, catering for there every need is the way to ensure each project is successful and long-lasting, professional relationships are sustained.

We designed not only the physical display, but also the content on the interactive touch screen displays too. Ensuring that all of the information AEG wanted to communicate with their customers was included, we developed the content in it’s entirety from the initial touch architecture through to the styling and authoring.

As AEG are dedicated to providing excellent service for their customers we created interactive touch screen displays with an interface that would allow customers to not only research which project was right for them, but provide them with information on what they could do with the product once they had purchased it.

The relationships the company form with their customers are of high importance and we made it possible for them to be able to share recipes for the customers to try out, persuading them to buy the product and making shopping with AEG an enjoyable experience. Once the team was happy with the design, it went into production.

The Finished Project

The finalised unit was installed in stores throughout the country with some featuring a temporary version without an interactive touch screen. The display fit seamlessly into the area, tying in with the surrounding literature and in locations where the customer would be able to find information quickly.

As a retail design agency, we understand te importance of the overall environment of the store and wanted to ensure that the display we created for AEG worked well as part of the department. We achieved all of our targets with a huge increase in sales and a significantly lower reliance on staff to provide customers with product information. Overall, the area of the store where AEG induction hobs were on sale was a lot more inspiring, with plenty of content for the customer to enjoy and engage with.

Since the initial meeting, H Squared have worked closely with AEG through every step of the design process until the finalised product was ready to be rolled out in stores across the UK and Ireland. The company saw an increase in sales of over 500% since the installation of the new displays. We enjoyed working with AEG and seeing the fantastic results that the collaboration produced.