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H2 About Us - Roll Call

H Squared was formed in 2002 by Creative retail guru Phillip Holloway and Marketing Retail genius Kevin Higgs. The meeting of creative and marketing thinking has ensured H Squared sustains a progressive and forward-thinking attitude, developing into an award winning creative retail design agency. We have assembled a boutique creative team, who will ensure the highest levels of design flows into a the high pressure market place. Attention to detail, sharp prices and never missing a deadline has seen H Squared continue to grow and keeps us striving for more.

H Squared is located near Leicester, providing great access to all areas of the UK. Warehousing and manufacturing all located within 10 miles of H Squared’s head office. H Squared have Polish warehousing at Lodz, which is useful for Pan European distribution and for collation of Polish manufactured units for UK market.

We use a wide network of suppliers, as our work varies from print to the most advance in-store technology. All partners are used for their appropriate skills, quality, cost structure and reliability. Over ten years we have one of the best (speed, quality & cost) supply basis relevant to our industry.

Management of relationships is one key to our success as a creative retail design agency. This starts at director level – you will meet and deal with Kevin and Phil, who guarantee a very high level of passion for retail. Our aims for the next 5 years are to continue to offer a unique, award winning creative service to all of our clients.

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We WILL be the BEST….

Our aim is to be The BEST award winning unique boutique agency.

  • Noun: Boutique; denoting a small specialized creative agency that serves a sophisticated or specialized clientele
  • We are NOT the biggest, but we are creative, passionate and offer fast solutions at prices you can afford
  • We DO NOT simply give you what we want to give you…
  • We LISTEN to what YOU want and then we deliver it

The very Essence of H Squared is CREATIVE

On a Mission

We’re on a mission…

As an award winning creative retail design agency, our mission is to Supply products and services to the Brand and Retail client base that improve and enhance the consumer purchasing process – leading to sales growth of the right product for the right consumer.

By the application of intelligence, knowledge and experience we seek to innovate and create new solutions for all of our client’s issues and problems relevant to in store marketing

To achieve our mission aim, we must be efficient, smart and profitable

However large our client projects or however large we become, we must never lose sight or lose the touch of providing individual care and passion to our clients.

To provide a sense of achievement and belonging to an organisation, each of us knowing that our contribution helps to do “good things”

Our Beliefs…

We work with respect to all – our clients, our suppliers, our colleagues

We are honest and open, as nothing good ever comes of hiding or deceit

Passion and hard work are good in that from these we will create our own best performance for ourselves and our clients.

A team is stronger than a collection of individuals, and team work requires both speaking and listening

Passionate about retail design

We are …

The team here at H Squared are bursting with ideas for you, we are at the front edge of retail, we understand the new world, how smartphones and tablets have led to a 4D omni channel retail experience. The old ways of retailing have changed, and we want to show you how to embrace the new formats that are available.

We have assembled a team of cutting edge creatives, marketers and account managers to deliver these dreams for you.

Our retail design agency is Fun – Quirky – Creative – Design led – Knowledgeable - FAST & Passionate about retail.

We Care about YOU !

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