Achieve Retail Success with Point of Sale Design

point of sale design

Point of sale design is an invaluable part of retail design for store owners to invest in. Many shops base their retail design around practicality and functionality – unfortunately forgetting about the important aspect of inspiring the customer. Retailers rely on impulse purchases to boost sales and keep customers interested in their stores, so it comes as a surprise that so many of them are not making the most of creative point of sale design to keep their customers hooked. H Squared is a retail design agency with plenty of experience in point of sale design. Is your store in need of an inspiration boost? Read on as we explain how to inspire your customers with point of sale design.

The need to create inspiring point of sale displays is immediate and urgent. As a sector, developments in retail occur at such a rate that it is impossible to plan point of sale displays years in advance. With advancements in technology making online shopping a real threat to high street stores, it is important to make the most of point of sale design not only for the sake of the customer but for the store too. In a recent survey, 31% of people said they would like their shopping experiences to be improved, making the most of new developments to inspire and excite them. If customers are not satisfied with their experience in store, they are likely to save the trouble of a shopping trip and purchase online.

One of the biggest complaints is that retail stores appear too rational to the customer. To the customer, the way retailers present their stores is still very functional. One way to improve the overall experience and increase levels of customer engagement is through the use of digital technology. By incorporating new technologies into your point of sale design, you can hold the customer’s attention for longer as you have provided them with the opportunity to engage with something that they might not have access to in their daily lives. Once the customer is hooked, you have the opportunity to spark that all-important impulse buy!

Not every person who walks into your store is a guaranteed customer. Many people simply enjoy the shopping experience or browse the high street to see what is on offer. Good point of sale design gives you the potential to turn these visitors into paying customers. These displays give retailers the opportunity to communicate with prospective customers, giving them the chance to win them over and convince them the product on display is a worthwhile investment for them.

A great example of point of sale design done the right way comes from Thomson, who recently re-designed their flagship store at Kent’s Bluewater Shopping Centre to modernise the customer experience. Making the most of digital technology, the travel agent installed interactive maps to reel curious passers-by in and tempt them with exotic holidays. A swimming pool theme was incorporated into the retail design of the store featuring playful seating solutions for customers to sit on whilst they engage with interactive touch screens displaying everything from international weather forecasts to the store’s social media sites and even fun quizzes to pass time.

Does your store need a point of sale design makeover? Get in touch with H Squared today and our talented team will help you create the point of sale displays you need to keep your customers coming back for more!

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