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The H Squared Gentlemens Club – Open for Movember

Only open for 30 days in Movember, the creative team at the retail design agency H Squared have decided to sport some facial hair all for a good cause!

If you would like to join us, please click on the links below.

More photos to follow as the hair grows!

The H Squared – Retail Design Agency team page can be visited for donations and updates by clicking on the image below…


Great moments in Moustache history

Master moustache owner Nick Offerman is back once again with some words of wisdom, bringing us a history lesson with a twist. He guides us down the hairy road the moustache travelled on to get to where it is today. Definitely worth a watch!

Generation Mo

As a creative retail design agency that sport powerful moustaches, we know that the last few years have been all about the gentlemen of Movember – the country and modern gentlemen, the ones who share and receive knowledge from their elders. We’ve come to the realisation that all of these gentlemen have something in common – they stand united for change, they are renegades. They are Generation Moustache and the moustache is their catalyst.

The Mo Bros and Mo Sistas of Gen Mo are protected by snakes and guided by wolves. The wolf is the symbol of Gen Mo, a warrior of no equal. The power of the wolf brings forth intelligence, powerful instincts, an appetite for freedom and an awareness of the importance and power of social connections; qualities held in high regard by the Mo Bros and Mo Sistas of Gen Mo. The snake is the symbol of knowledge, medicine, life, unity and revolution. Gen Mo is the sum of all these things, with each tip of every Mo grown being as powerful as that of the snake.

This Movember, we fight for change! We stand up for what we believe in; not accepting the humdrum or the tried-and-tested.  Conventions will be challenged and the boat will rock. The ranks will swell, the borders will break and our numbers will force change. We don’t just accept our responsibility, we welcome it, let it come. The road less travelled will be our path and, united under one flag, we will not stop until we are heard from every roof top in the land. This year, Mo Bros and Mo Sistas will shape and determine the future of men’s health. Crank up the volume, make some noise and fight with us.

There is strength in numbers. This is Movember. You are the wolf and serpent of Generation Moustache. We are Gen Mo…

Join the H Squared team @ the Gentlemens Club


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